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Our Senior Management Team come from a variety of business backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of professional expertise...


Tracy Woodall, Chief Executive

Having worked for the Hospice for eight years I can honestly say I love it even more now than I did when I started. The passion and enthusiasm shown by everyone, staff, volunteers, patients and their families is outstanding and you can feel how much this organisation means to the community.

Over the last eight years I have seen our services change and grow to enable us to care for more people with more diverse needs but I have also seen the compassion and commitment grow alongside it.

Over the years we have faced difficulties as the recession hit and cuts occurred all around us in government funding but with the incredible support of community individuals and local businesses we have emerged stronger, more resilient and more responsive to supporting the needs of all who need us.

The Hospice really is Hartlepool and East Durham’s local charity, it is loved by the people and staff alike and it is a privilege to work here.

Sandra Britten, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Information Governance

I have spent the past 30 years working in the charitable sector and joined the Hospice in 2000.

During my time at the Hospice, I have developed professionally through a variety of roles leading to the substantive post of Director of Information Governance in 2008 and Deputy Chief Executive in 2012.

The main objective of my role is to effectively develop, implement and manage information systems, communications and technology to sustain and extend the Hospice’s strategic aims and objectives.

It is important that my role helps everyone to understand the strategic value of data and its essential role in decision making. Ever since Florence Nightingale analysed the causes of death of British soldiers in the Crimea, interpreting and analysing data has been used to improve nursing. By looking at the root causes and trends this allowed Florence Nightingale to suggest changes in care, including mandatory hand-washing which reduced the death rate in military hospitals from 42% to 2% (Lee, 1912). There is a direct correlation between data management and quality improvement.

Data is considered to be the fundamental element of quality healthcare and meaningful data within the Hospice allows the clinical staff to make informed decisions to improve the quality of care. Data also allows the Hospice to ensure that we keep pace with the constantly evolving health and social care environments, which can be both technically and financially challenging.
Other responsibilities include line management of the Administration Team, Database Team, Housekeeping & Catering Teams and daily management of Facilities and Health & Safety.

anne-chalmers-director-of-financeAnne Chalmers, Director of Finance

As Director of Finance I ensure the Hospice has high quality financial and reporting systems in place to provide financial guidance to the trustees and senior management team.

I lead the annual planning and budgeting process for the Hospice supporting the SMT and managers in the implementation of this. By developing and controlling the Hospice’s annual operating budget, I ensure we meet all financial targets.

I manage the finance team and make sure that all financial controls are in place. I also work closely with our auditors on an ongoing basis, ensuring that statutory and regulatory requirements are met.

Rebecca Jobson, Senior Manager Fundraising

Alongside Julie Hildreth and Karen Witherley, I am for responsible for supporting our community in raising the massive £2.5 million needed each year to keep our doors open.

I love my role because it is so varied.  I help people who make donations, including in memory of loved ones, or who wish to leave a gift in their Will.  I manage our communications plan for supporters to ensure it is as personal and individual as each of our wonderful supporters are.  I Line Manage the Lottery and Grants Teams as well as Volunteers who kindly look after the Collection Boxes.

I also work on national campaigns like Hospice Care Week and Dying Matters, which are both vital in raising awareness of, and dispelling myths about Hospice’s, the care they give or the people who need them.

karen-witherley-senior-manager-retailKaren Witherley, Senior Manager Retail

As Senior Retail Manager, I am responsible for our ever expanding network of charity shops.

In this role my duties include the recruitment, management and training of staff and volunteers, whilst ensuring that high standards of presentation and customer service are maintained. I also oversee the sourcing of quality stock and strive for continuous sales growth, so that income targets are exceeded.

Behind the scenes, I establish succession plans to ensure there are contingencies in place for unexpected changes, such as staff sickness.
In a very competitive and ever changing marketplace, we need to be adaptable and progressive in our approach to develop our workforce and retain and grow our customer base; it is vital to research competitors and be aware of current trends.

Since joining the Hospice in 2009, I have implemented a number of strategies to ensure the ongoing success of our retail team.

julie-hildreth-senior-manager-fundraisingJulie Hildreth, Senior Manager Fundraising

Since taking the post of Senior Fundraising Manager in 2014, following five years as a Retail Manager for the Hospice, I have worked with my team to develop and deliver a high quality annual programme of income generating events and initiatives.

Within this role I manage a substantial budget plan that must be achieved to enable the ongoing delivery of our care services to the community. In order to meet this challenge I need to oversee the marketing and implementation of each project to ensure that it maximises its fundraising potential. These income streams include Hospice events, events in the community, donor campaigns and corporate support.

Whilst fundraising methods and trends shift and evolve, it is my job to ensure that we lead the way to ensure a sustainable future for our work.

In addition to my fundraising duties, I sit on the Hospice’s Senior Management Team, which steers the organisation, with the ongoing goal of providing care for people in Hartlepool and East Durham.

nicola-haggan-senior-manager-corporate-servicesNicola Haggan, Senior Manager Corporate Services

My role at Alice House Hospice is to provide HR advice to all staff to ensure rigorous compliance of employment law and to ensure that the Hospice provides a Human Resource service that complies with all statutory regulations.

I ensure that the HR service assists Directors, Senior Managers and Line managers in fulfilling their leadership obligations and that all Human Resources practises and objectives provide an employee oriented, high performance culture that emphasises empowerment, quality, productivity standards and goal attainment that fulfils the Hospice strategy.

My other responsibilities include supporting Hospice managers to work with volunteers in an empowering style to ensure that volunteers can fully contribute in assisting staff to achieve Hospice standards.

Karen Gibson, Senior Manager Clinical Services

I joined Alice House Hospice in July 2017 from Hartlepool Carers and my role is to manage all the patient services at Alice House Hospice.

The teams here are a privilege to work with, I love how challenging and varied my role is and that at the end of the day these services are helping the people of our community to live as well as they can for as long as they can.




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